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How to unlock the promotion? Just follow these 3 easy steps


Step 1 -  Submit the form below:

  • If you already have a Developer or Growth Chainstack account, please use the e-mail that is registered with your account to complete this form. 
  • If you are new to Chainstack, go to Console and register for a Developer account. Make sure that you use the same email address to complete this form and to register for the Chainstack Developer account.

Step 2 - During CordaCon on 20-22 October 2020, come to the Chainstack virtual booth to say hello and to tell us more about your project. Kindly note that the promotion will be open only to users who actively run dedicated Corda nodes. 

Step 3 - Finally, just wait for the confirmation email notifying you that the free 6 months Business account subscription promotion has been unlocked for your Chainstack account. Happy building!