Launching the Chainstack Developer Hub

The Chainstack Developer Hub initiative is an exciting opportunity for anyone with knowledge of Web3 and blockchain technology to share their insights and be rewarded for it.


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The Chainstack Developer Hub in short

The program is designed to help support the growth of the Web3 ecosystem by providing quality content that is both informative and engaging. Developers have the opportunity to present their knowledge and expertise to a wider audience while also helping to educate others on the benefits of its application to relevant use cases.

High-quality technical content is key to adoption, especially for open-source technology like blockchain. New developers need thorough tutorials and guides to onboard and orient themselves throughout the space. Your content will help us grow the ecosystem's knowledge base and make it easier for those who follow in your footsteps to do so with confidence.

Get rewarded for publishing expert content

Claim credit for your contribution

Promote your portfolio with badges and links

What Chainstack Developer Hub offers

  1. A fixed reward of $200 for every accepted and published submission.
  2. A bonus reward of $100 for the original working pieces of code.
  3. Full credit for the authorship of your work in Chainstack’s blog and communication.
  4. An honorable mention of your involvement on the cause’s dedicated contributor page:
    • Your name, or pseudonym.
    • Your photo, or avatar.
    • Your bio in 200 words, or less.
    • A link to your portfolio, or contact.

Eligibility criteria


  1. Your submission must be an original and NOT a work that was previously published. 
  2. You must be the rightful intellectual property owner (author) of your submission. 
  3. Your work can contain relevant external sources, only when referenced accordingly. 
  4. Content must be provided following the guidelines in this GitHub repository. 
  5. By submitting the piece, you agree to give Chainstack rights to distribute your content.

Subject matter

  1. Your submission must take a neutral stance and refrain from promoting other projects. 
  2. Your submission must cover one or more of Chainstack’s supported protocols 
  3. Your submission must cover one or more of the Web3 topics outlined on the right.

Before you start writing, submit a proposal with the topic you have in mind here.

A member of the Chainstack team will review your proposal and comment on it.

Once it is approved, you can proceed with writing and publishing.

✔ Wallets & staking
✔ Exchanges: DEX, CEX
✔ Trading & arbitrage
✔ Web3 developer platforms
✔ NFTs: markets, creators, game artifacts
✔ Decentralized Identity
✔ Domain Name Services
✔ DAOs & Voting
✔ Funding, Launchpads & Investments
✔ Reward systems
✔ Supply chain
✔ On-chain & Oracle analytics
✔ Play & earn
✔ Social networks & messengers
✔ Distributed computing & overlay networking
✔ Decentralized storage
✔ L1 & L2 chains

Submission guidelines

How you present your submission is entirely up to you but to make things easier we have drafted a list of recommended guidelines you can follow during the process:

  • Title: be as descriptive as possible and try to make it catchy 
  • Images: upload all images that support the article to the repository. Keep an eye on the image size and use tools like Squoosh or TinyPNG to compress them.
  • Banner/open graph image (optional): you can create a banner and open graph image for the article but try to follow Chainstack's style guide. If not provided, we'll create one.
  • Structure: we recommend following this structure
    • Intro and goals
    • Pre-requisites (if any)
    • Step-by-step
    • Conclusion

Publishing your submission

To publish your content, fork this repo and submit a PR with the following changes:

  • All your content must be created in a subfolder inside the corresponding category (coding-articles, info-articles or other-articles). Follow the kebab-case naming convention (eg "my-awesome-article").
  • The code must be created inside a code subfolder. There must be a file with instructions to install dependencies, run the code, etc.
  • All images must be stored inside an images subfolder.
  • An file must be created with the article itself.
  • An file must be created with information about you, your portfolio/website and social media profiles that you would like us to include.




Parting thoughts

Participating in the Chainstack Developer Hub initiative is a great opportunity for anyone with a passion for Web3.  

If you are just starting out, contributing can bring you not only valuable experience but serve as a cornerstone for your portfolio to support your professional development in the sphere.  

And should you have earned your Web3 stripes already, the Chainstack Developer Hub can put you side-by-side with fellow industry professionals at the spearhead of blockchain technology.  

So, shrug off any fear you might have and join bravely, for sharing your findings with the world can only mean success.  


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